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You can use smartTextureMap in Windows Command Prompt and Graphic User Interface as well.


smartTextureMap <<fileName>> <<destinationFolder>>

List of Arguments

  • fileName (OPTIONAL) - It´s the name of the original texture to generate the smartMap. The result of generation is a smartMap version of it.


smartTextureMap C:\myTextures\test.png

Generates test.smartMap.png in the directory of smartTextureMap.exe

  • destinationFolder (OPTIONAL) - It's the directory to generate the smartMap version of the fileName. When you do not inform it, the file is generated in the same location of the original file.


smartTextureMap C:\myTextures\test.png C:\MySmartMaps

Generates test.smartMap.png in the directory of C:\MySmartMaps

  • No Arguments (OPTIONAL) - Opens the Graphic User Interface. It´s the best way to use the application. When you use that way, all the smartMap version are always generated in the folders of original texture folder. You can also use this option just giving a double click on smartTextureMap from Windows Explorer.

    • The first step is inform the folder where the original texture are. After, you will select the texture which you want to generate smartMap versions. And, finally, you conclude the operation and follow the execution.



  • You need of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2
  • You need unzip to use the program

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